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Nordmann Fir 120 - 150cm (4ft - 5ft)

Nordmann Fir 120 - 150cm (4ft - 5ft)



Nothing can beat our wonderfully fresh and fragrant non needle drop Christmas tree to decorate and place your wrapped presents under. The tree features wide and flat, soft, dark green needles. Our trees will help bring back an authentic festive atmosphere to your home over the festive season.

Height: 120 - 150cm (approximately 4ft - 5ft) high from top of the pot to the tip of the leader.
Genus: Abies nordmanniana
Good Needle retention
Lovely pine scent
Care instructions: Keep soil moist at all times and away from direct heat.
After the festive period, store outside under shelter until ready to plant in the garden or grow on the patio for next Christmas.
These are Premium trees grown in Leicestershire and are regularly inspected and trimmed to ensure even growth and pleasant appearance.

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