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Buy or rent a real living Christmas Tree

Can you give a loving, merry home to one of these trees for Christmas? Our family spend all year growing and nurturing these little trees, but over the Christmas period the trees want to bring happiness to your home.

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Trees

Christmas 2024 sale and rental orders

LoveAChristmasTree is now open for Christmas 2024 orders


More Details about delivery options are available on our delivery page: Delivery

How does renting a real living Christmas Tree work?

Deliver your Christmas Tree
We deliver your own little tree before Christmas on an agreed scheduled date (Please view our Delivery page for current Covid-19 update).
Enjoy your Christmas Tree
You enjoy a real tree at home or your office over the Christmas season.
Pick up your Christmas Tree
We can provide the service to pick it up after Christmas and bring it back to our farm here in Leicestershire, where it is lovingly cared for.

Buying your own real living Christmas Tree online

Owning your own Real Christmas Tree
Owning your own Real Christmas Tree can be so much fun. Enjoy it all year round by keeping it outside and bringing it in for Christmas.