Love a Christmas Tree - Rent a Christmas Tree
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Setting up your Christmas Tree

1. Locate Your Tree

Select your tree location on a level surface away from heaters and fireplaces. Make sure the tray is placed securely below the pot of the tree and you may want to allow for addition protection in the event that the tray overflows.

2. Water your tree

We won't water your tree the day of delivery so it may be thirsty when it arrives. Like all living things your trees need water to live. Do not over water, keep the soil moist.

3. Decorate your tree

Decorate your tree and take a picture. Feel free to dance around, sing to, and decorate your tree as you see fit. Please no flocking or spray tinsel as the chemicals can harm the tree. Send your pictures to We appreciate receiving photos and hearing the stories that accompany each and every tree. Use your chosen tree name or order number for reference.

4. Keep save for collection

After Christmas comes to a close and you prepare to say good-bye make sure you remove all your precious decorations and if you are going to place outside, move into a garage/shed first to acclimatise.